Family’s Role


We believe the child’s first and most influential teacher is the parent, which is why we love the cooperative model. Our families volunteer their time in the classroom which empowers our students and provides crucial support for our amazing teachers! Preschool programs are more successful when parents participate. This remains true throughout a child’s education and is one of the most consistent predictors of school success and achievement. By regularly dedicating their time in the classroom, our parents choose to play an integral role in their child’s early education.

Classroom Participation

Parents, grandparents, and other involved caregivers add to the school by participating in their child’s classroom and by assisting in the administration of the school. Depending on the class size, a parent participates in 1 to 3 class sessions per month. This allows us to have great adult-to-child ratios and keep our tuition costs lower than traditional preschools.

Job Assignment

Each family is assigned a committee or chair position based on their talents, interests, and time. Each family holding a position helps to keep our school operating efficiently. There will also be opportunities to serve on various committees throughout the year for those who are able to volunteer their time further.


Each family chooses one day per enrolled child during the school year to participate in the monthly school cleaning. This helps us to deep clean all toys and make sure that everything is kept sanitary and organized for our children to enjoy.

Parent Meetings

The Co-op holds 4 mandatory evening parent education meetings to discuss school business and classroom concerns. These meetings often feature speakers who offer information on topics of special interest to parents of preschoolers. Each individual class will also have a short monthly “Buzz Session” at the end of class to discuss what will be going on in the classroom that month and sign up for classroom participation.


Each family is required to provide babysitting at one parent/board meeting OR two class buzz sessions, per child enrolled.

ICPC Orientation

All new participating adults in Speedway Co-op attend a mandatory 6-hour orientation (two 3 hour days), sponsored by the Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives (ICPC). It describes the Co-op philosophy, child development, and our educational philosophy and curriculum. The training helps and prepares you for your role as a teacher’s assistant. The training includes classroom observation and group discussion.

Health Requirement

Any adult participating in the classroom more than 3 times during the year must supply proof of a negative TB test. Each child must have a physical examination form completed by a physician on file before the start of school as well as a current shot record that reflects the child is up-to-date with vaccinations.