The Racers class (3-4 year olds) meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9:30am to 12:00pm. The Racers engage in many of the same activities as the Rookies, but with a greater emphasis on more cooperative play and more structure.

For the Racers, this preschool class offers a safe playful space to have a first or second year experience of preschool. Meeting friends or continuing friendships their own age in an environment setup and geared towards their appropriate developmental level of play, growth and engagement. They build and continue to add to their skills and social development. There is a focus on empowering independence as students participate as helpers in the classroom with support from the teachers: being leaders, setting up snack, pouring their own water and choosing activities they want to engage in during free choice play. A consistent class structure introduces the beginnings of transitions in a class setting in an easy supportive way. The class structure includes: Motor Play, Circle Time,  Snack, a coop required hour of uninterrupted free choice play which includes art, sensory, science exploration, home living drama play, dramatic storytelling and much more, and outdoor play, weather permitting. Social and emotional support are offered by the teacher and the parent teacher(s) in the room as the students discover their own rhythms and connections in the classroom. In alignment with Indiana’s Early Learning Foundations the teacher provides meaningful activities, projects, hands-on experiences and invites students to engage in all identified subjects, including: language literacy, counting, geography, creative arts, science, building and more. The teacher observes the children and asks questions to support a deeper understanding through exploration and play. As the year progresses the student’s learning and relationships develop into friendships and a trusted learning community.

Meghan Sissom teaches the Racers class. Click here to learn about our teachers.