2 Racers working together to build a train station.

The Racers class (3-4 year olds) meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9:30 to 12:00. The Racers engage in many of the same activities as the Rookies, but with a greater emphasis on more cooperative play and more structure.

Racers start their day by greeting the teacher upon entering the room and finding their name strip on the table and adding a sticker next to their name to aid in name recognition. Then they go to free play for about 30 minutes before the first circle time. Free time offers a variety of play including toys, table puzzles, play dough, and paint.

During circle, we share and discover together while doing a welcome song, calendar, and weather report. At the beginning of the school year, circle time will be rather short, but as the year progresses we will read stories, do science experiments, explore nature items, and more.

After circle time, we offer an art activity and a variety of fine motor activities. The children are free to explore and develop at their own pace, choosing from table puzzles, matching, sorting, lacing, and other manipulatives. Art projects change daily and children are allowed to create art as they see it. During free play, the children are also welcome to enjoy the reading corner with a couch to allow them some quiet time if needed. A pretend kitchen, dress up area, and baby doll bed allow the children to role play with peers.

When weather does not permit outdoor play we look to the big muscle room to let the children use the climber and slide, large blocks, seesaw, balance beam, and sensory table among other activities.

After clean up time, the children will have another circle time with a story chosen from a wide selection of quality children’s books and sing a variety of songs.

The children then wash their hands and sit for a healthy snack brought in by the parents. After saying “thank you” to the children who brought snack and juice for the day, it’s time to eat. Weather permitting, they go outside to ride bikes, dig in the sandbox, swing, or just play.

Meghan Sissom teaches the Racers class. Click here to learn about our teachers.