The Rookies class (2-3 year olds) meets Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30. Children are encouraged to be toilet trained but do not need to be.

Rookies start their day in the Big Muscle Room so they get an opportunity to move their bodies before we ask them to sit still. After 20-30 minutes, they clean-up and move on to the classroom.

The rookies start their time in the classroom with a circle time. After the first few months, they are all pretty good at sitting and enjoy the story! The circle time starts with a welcoming song, followed by a story chosen from a wide selection of quality children’s books, more songs, and talking about our day.

After circle time, the Rookies are then free to engage in a range of activities. Each day there is a special art project which everyone is encouraged to do. Free time is also the opportunity for kids to enjoy all the exciting options the classroom has to offer. There are always play dough, 2 painting easels, markers and paper available for use during free time, all the time interacting with their peers and the adults around them. A rotating variety of manipulatives are available each day and a variety of sensory activities, including a “very busy” water table that can contain anything from water to snow to mud to pudding. A pretend kitchen, dress up area, and baby doll bed allow the children to roll-play. A book case and couch provide quiet time for the children if they need it.

The children clean-up, and then join together for a second short circle song time. The children then wash their hands and sit for a healthy snack brought in by the parents. After saying “thank you” to the children who brought snack and juice for the day, it’s time to eat. After a few months, the Rookies are good at drinking out of open cups. Weather permitting they go outside to ride bikes, dig in the sandbox, swing, or just play.

Meghan Sissom teaches the Rookies class. Click here to learn about our teachers.