The Advantages of Choosing a Co-op

Benefits for Children

A child in a co-op receives all the benefits of a traditional preschool PLUS:

  • A co-op provides a gradual transition from home to school.
  • Your child learns to share you with others and to trust other adults as well.
  • A co-op strengthens the parent/child bond by sharing the learning experience.
  • Qualified teachers help guide your child’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth in a safe and age-appropriate setting.
  • Our small class size allows for optimal adult/child ratios.

Benefits for Parents

  • Obtain a better understanding of early childhood development by working side-by-side with qualified teachers and other parents.
  • Experience firsthand how your child is developing socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • Gain insight into improved parenting skills through our regular Parent Education Meetings.
  • Build leadership skills through committee work and Board activities.
  • Develop new friendships and enjoy the support of other parents.