Why I Love My Cooperative Preschool!

Benefits for Children

Wonderful Developmental Preschool Program
  • My children are appropriately prepared for Kindergarten and elementary school.
  • The curriculum and facility meet or surpass local and national educational standards.
  • In Indianapolis, cooperative preschools have embraced developmentally appropriate preschool programs for 40 years.
Provides Rich Environment
  • My children love the games, crafts, literature, music, manipulatives, science activities, tactile and sensory experiences.
  • It is a perfect child-sized environment.
Creates a Happy and Positive School Experience
  • The children learn by playing.
  • The children look forward to attending school.
  • They thrive in the security and sense of belonging.

Benefits for Parents

Educate Each Other on Parenting
  • Helpful sharing between parents.
  • You can see parents interact with their own children and with yours.
  • Strong parent education programs, with guest speakers and workshops.
  • I have gained insight in to my child’s behavior.
Meet New Families With Shared Interests
  • Old-fashioned neighborhood relationships.
  • We share in life’s joys and successes.
  • I have made close friends.
  • The school has special family get-togethers.
  • Co-op families rally to support each other in time of need.
Sharing Similar Family Values
  • Co-op families have the same basic philosophy on raising children today.
Confidence in Classrooms, Serving on Committees, School Boards
  • We take these skills with us into our children’s elementary schools.